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Achieve fitness in the office by eliminating electro-smog radiation stress with the natural power of bio-photons emitted by crystals

Healthy office - healthy workplace - healthy in the workplace Workstation Neutralize electrosmogElectromagnetic Radiation Fields (EMFs) emitted by your office equipment

Technical devices in the workplace generate disruptive magnetizing fields (e-smog, WiFi and radio transmitters of any kind). These artificial fields influence the human immune system, as many of them are mimicking the body’s own frequencies.

They affect the natural human cell impulses, the blood, the nervous and hormonal system as well as the brain control systems etc. The result: Your immune system has to be in a constant state of defense (is stressed) to keep your body functioning and healthy – this reduces your work efficiency and that of your employee’s!

Help through the Physics of Crystals

Crystals can generate, transmit and transform light quanta (bio-photons). Each crystal has a different crystalline structure (matrix) and thereby can emit different wavelengths (frequencies), which affect the body’s cells.

The carefully selected crystals contained in the OFFICE-SAFE invert the harmful waves produced by all major technological devices present in a modern office space.

This action is indefinite, as the crystalline grid in the OFFICE-SAFE is a physically permanent structure.

Our technical know-how of the uniquely different crystalline structures and their effects provides the effective help.

Eliminate Energy Thieves

The OFFICE-SAFE contains a targeted blend of ores, minerals, gemstones and high quality precious stones, each of which have their own different crystalline structure.

The crystals will re-arrange the frequencies in the room: They emit light quanta of inverted waves that neutralize the disturbing EMFs in the office. The dis-harmonious EMFs penetrate the crystalline grid and exit harmoniously re-organized.

Due to the specifically selected blend of the different crystalline structures, the disturbing EMFs are targeted and physically harmonized, the negative interference effects are resolved.

Result: The OFFICE-SAFE harmonizes and neutralizes EMFs of all common modern office equipment.

Noticeable help

With this unique neutralization SAFE in your office, the electrical human nervous system, the blood and other body cells as well as the control glands in your brain remain working unaffected and stop resonating with negative EMFs. This can be demonstrated by EDT (electro-dermal testing) and dark-field blood microscopy (see demo videos:

Many stress factors and ill effects that are due to technological devices emitting EMFs are eliminated.

Summarized, the OFFICE-SAFE is a worthwhile and Beneficial investment for more endurance, fitness, mental alertness and well-being, for you AND YOUR EMPLOYEES.

It results in INCREASED WORK EFFICIENCY AT THE OFFICE and as a bonus you can claim this expense for tax purposes.

It covers a radius of about 15-20 meters.


390,- € excl. VAT.

If you decide to get a more customized radiation neutralization (incorporating additional environmental radiation fields specific for your location) through a consultant, who provides the GEO-SAFE-E system, the “INT. INSTITUT GEO-BAUBIOLOGIE” will exchange the OFFICE-SAFE for the more specifically selected GEO-SAFE model at no additional cost for you. A customization service fee will apply.