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Optimize room acoustics, improve sound, improve high-end hifi sound, improve hifi room acoustics, optimize room acoustics hifiAn ion re-organizing product that OPTIMIZES the sound waves of your audio music system!

Today’s hi-fi technology is made with the very best of know-how, with decades of accumulated experience and cutting-edge technology and provides us with the ultimate in musical enjoyment.

And yet the sound can be optimized – no matter the quality or price of your hi-fi system! Because the optimal technology ends exactly where the sound waves exit the speaker.

This is the place where the SOUND-SAFE’s effects set in and improve the sound by means of its crystalline bio-photons utilizing nature’s innate wisdom.

Preliminary information: How do the sound waves get into your ear?

With the help of ions in the air, sound waves are passed on – until they finally reach your ears and are converted back into electrical impulses to become audible for you.

As we from the institute over many years conducted e-smog measurements for EMFs (electro magnetic fields), we audibly have been demonstrating the increase of wireless signals from mobile phones, WiFi and mobile phone towers, DECT telephone stations etc. and how they penetrate and disturb the original calmness of a room.

These electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) affect the ions (electrons and protons) in the air. As the word implies, the electrons get magnetized and are pushed out of their natural +/- ionic order in the air.

As a consequence, since SOUND WAVES are ALSO transported by means of ions in the same air space, a harmonious undisturbed sound transmission from the loudspeaker to the ear is nowadays no longer possible.

We as the listeners in this modern world do not consciously perceive this difference anymore, since we usually have no possibility to compare the sound to the orderly ion-sound wave transport of past days (before major EMF interference started).

Yet it is again possible to enjoy the sound quality of past days…

How does the SOUND-SAFE improve the sound of your music system?

Bio-photons are light quanta and they influence the +/- structure of the ions in the air. All crystalline gemstones emit light quanta (bio-photons).

The resulting frequencies of different wave lengths correlate with the structure/matrix of the crystal. It is a natural biological fact that these natural bio-photons have a re-organizing effect on the ions in the air.

The SOUND-SAFE is comparable to a homeopathic or bio-resonance treatment for the soundwaves in a room, where you enjoy listening to your favorite music.

During the 25 years providing EMF and E-smog services, we at the “INT. INSTITUTE GEO-BAUBIOLOGIE” received many comments that any music (voice, instrument or hi-fi) did sound significantly better after a GEO-SAFE-E was placed and neutralizing the EMFs in the room.

Together with a sound expert, the institute now decided to create an ore-crystal-gemstone blend that optimizes specifically the ionization in the air to a point where an OPTIMIZED sound wave transport becomes acoustically audible. Listen for yourself… and decide… better!

The crystalline mixture is beautifully integrated in a 12.3 cm diameter hand-crafted globe made of untreated beech wood.


470,- € excl. VAT.