Do you take the SAME drug or
homeopathic remedy or the same bio-resonance settings
for DIFFERENT diseases?

Is there ONE shoe size that fits EVERYONE?


Therefore, we match our neutralization individually and frequency-adapted to the respective room using the Geo-Safe-E® Radiation Neutralization System.

NO Neutralization technique can be effective unless it is matched with the RADIATION mixture in YOUR environment.

INFORM yourself thoroughly – it’s about YOUR HEALTH!

When purchasing any „debugging devices“ ask for a money-back guarantee backed by a therapist, who can test YOUR BODY using vibrational medicine.



An individual frequency-adaptable radiation neutralization system
with money-back guarantee

The principle of neutralization must be understood in order to comprehend the effectiveness of our elimination of disturbing factors:

  • Different types of radiation (electro-pollution, radio frequency radiation, diverse earth radiation) of varying intensities are present in a radiation-disturbed sleeping area / work place / living space.
  • The disturbing “Frequency Cocktail” is always different in one room from another one!
  • Hence it is logical that a machine with a set range of counter-frequencies for ONE place can NOT be expected to counter-act disturbing frequencies in all OTHER places.
  • Optimal neutralization therefore requires an individual adaptation of the interfering frequencies at the given location.


Every room has a different mixture of radiation

Therefore, the content of the Geo-Safe-E® series is individually adapted
to the different radiation mixtures of your rooms.


The individual frequency adaptation

We reach this adaptation by means of a targeted and individual combination of more than 30 natural substances with various physical refraction angles (interference radiation) in different mixing ratios.

The following factors must be considered and determined, in order to achieve optimal results:

  • The frequency range (more than 30 material structures are needed)
  • The frequency intensity (optimal quantities of the materials are needed to achieve the correct intensity)
  • The optimal placement at the bed (angle of refraction)

In our digital radio frequency loaded world a bed re-positioning will not provide a radiation-free sleeping space anymore (a place without electric pollution, radio etc.). Yet the sleeping space and any other room can be neutralized.

Magnetic fields and radio interferences can not be dissolved. Thus, although they are technically measurable in the AIR even after neutralization, they are no longer technically detectable in the BODY, since the cells no longer resonate with the radiation fields.

Comparison: At minus temperatures, the „measuring device“ (thermometer) still shows frost (minus degrees), even if the body is kept warm in a protective coat.

For a human the measurement of the body’s cell is important and real, NOT the measurement of the AIR OUTSIDE the human body. This is a hint for people, who use measuring devices and interpret the “air” surrounding the customer as the body’s INTERNAL TRUTH.

Cell phones / smart phones / tablet PCs, cordless landline telephones and computers / laptops always need to be neutralized in addition, as their radiation is unavoidable when in use.

Harmonisierung von bestimmten Geräten, Harmonisierung Handy, Neutralisation Computer, Entstörung Laptop


to other „Radio frequency remediation techniques“

  • The individual frequency-adapted radiation neutralization Geo-Safe-E® works permanently according to physical principles determined by physical angle refraction laws.
  • Many anti-interference devices sold presently are „informed“. After a while the information on these devices will be erased, since Radio Frequencies PERMANENTLY attack them. This is comparable with the deletion of your debit/credit card details when you hold them over a magnetic field or the decoding of theft protection devices at the cash register.
  • The Geo-Safe-E® series can also NOT be compared with shielding materials that may unfortunately also shield vital positive cosmic and terrestrial radiation (prana, chi etc.).
  • Our Geo-Safe-E® devices are NOT „standardized energizers“ that send the same amount of vibrations constantly into the room as ALL other currently available „neutralizers“ do. Some of which become even „disturbers“ when they generate the wrong counter-frequencies.
  • The Geo-Safe-E® neutralization system is verifiable by means of vibrational medicine, e.g. by bio-resonance, electro-acupuncture or kinesiological testing, microscopic blood testing or other test methods.
  • Unique: We provide a money-back guarantee when the patient is checked and treated by a knowledgeable vibration medicine therapist.


Money-back guarantee

If your therapist repeatedly detects a radiation exposure when testing you approx. one month after our neutralization with the Geo-Safe-E® System and appropriate therapeutic removal measurements were performed, as well as all further recommendations by us were followed, your money for the Geo-Safe-E® will be returned.