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individuelle Harmonisierung von Elektrosmog, Funkstrahlung und Erdstrahlen
The legislator does tolerate many toxins and radiation fields YOUR BODY does NOT!

Our radiobiological investigation and consultation covers more than 30 control points:

  • Technical measurement of radio beams, electro pollution and radioactivity including measurement of all kinds of other technical devices, such as Smartphone/mobile phone, tablet, laptop, Wi-Fi etc.
  • Examination of different earth rays: water vein, geological fault and all other geo-pathological influences
  • Consultation for the reduction of interfering radiation
  • Kinesiological testing for the necessary changes and finding the individualized frequency-adapted radiation neutralization Geo-Safe-E® to neutralize existing unavoidable residual radiation (electro pollution, radio, earth radiation)
  • Once the measurements are completed an overview report of the approximately 30 control points can be provided to the treating therapist, if desired.