Trust Facts

  • We have been working in the field of bio-energetics since 1978.
  • The Geo-Safe-E® system (spheres & Pocket Safes) can be verified by vibrational medicine 
    see 30 min. Demo movie
  • We have completed over 100,000 radiation neutralizations with the Geo-Safe-E® system in more than 80 countries WORLDWIDE.
  • 20-years of collaboration with the world’s largest bio-resonance device manufacturer. Due to the unique frequency adaptation of the Geo-Safe-E® the manufacturer chose it as the only functioning radiation neutralization. This resulted in our Geo-Safe-E® being combined with their bio-resonance device under the name Bio-Safe as early as 1998 to protect therapists from radiation fields. (Thank you!)
  • Over 25 years of Geo-Safe-E® achievements – always with latest updates to neutralize added radio frequencies
  • Over 1,000 colleagues and therapists educated in 26 countries
  • Our foreign agencies are not run by „sellers“ but only by therapists
  • Unique: We provide a money-back guarantee in cooperation with therapists who control our work.