About me

Born in 1956 as the son of a building materials dealer and nephew of an architect and dowser, my interest in healthy building and living was awakened at an early stage.
After a long stay in India in 1978 to expand my understanding of free energies, also in the spiritual sense, I completed a building biology degree.

I was not satisfied that all the radiation countering measures commonly used were only working temporary or partially, since each room has a different mixture of radiation fields. Hence I implemented the idea of a physicist who had succeeded in neutralizing all kinds of interference fields by using individualized frequencies adapted to the conditions in the room. This was further developed together into the Geo-Safe-E® System and this kind of frequency adaptation is still unique in the world.

At the same time as I registered the patent for the Geo-Safe-E® Neutralization, the world’s largest manufacturer of medical bio-resonance devices recognized and tested the optimal effectiveness of the Geo-Safe-E® and added it to it’s own sales department. Geo-Safe-E® interference is currently being used by more than 6,000 therapists in more than 80 countries.

With additional training done by myself in 26 countries, we have now successfully performed more than 100,000 Geo-Safe-E® Radiation Neutralizations confirmed by therapeutic controls.
For this I would like to take this opportunity to thank all participating therapists and colleagues!

The worldwide training locations can be found under Training.