Why neutralize?

Facts in short form:

  • All cells of our body communicate through subtle bio-electrical currents (command impulses).
  • The nervous system and the brain work with the lowest bio-electrical energy potentials.
  • If one understands that this voltage in the body is about 50 mV (mV = one thousandth of a volt), one can hardly deny that interference radiation that all exceed 50 V/m will influence the body negatively. In physics, this is called the „potential balance“. These are attacks on our immune system.

Simplified, you can imagine it as follows:

  • If the human organism is healthy, all cells communicate with each other in natural harmony by means of the finest body-own electrical vibration impulses.
  • However, if from the outside disrupting vibrations such as electro pollution, wireless and earth rays affect the cells:
    • the natural cell communication is disturbed,
    • the cells absorb the interfering radiation and try to process it,
    • the immune system is weakened,
    • Symptoms and illnesses can be the result.
  • Nowadays there is no possibility of real relaxation and regeneration, neither during the day nor at night. Thus, one can also understand the rising cancer rate as well as the increase in the statistical curve of allergies, which is identical to the curve of digital stress.
  • If one wants to protect oneself against this cell manipulation, a medically and technically verifiable radiation neutralization is needed.
  • If this does not happen, any subtle therapy, such as acupuncture, bio-resonance, homeopathy etc. will be constantly attacked and erased.
    Many „holistic“ therapists DO NOT point out the needed elimination of therapy-blocking radiation fields. Thus, you become a „successful“ permanent patient because of therapy setbacks. We believe that this is NOT „holistic“. Especially in the „natural healing“ field one should not forget to eliminate the „nature enemy: interference radiation“ BEFORE one treats.


Where and what to neutralize

At present in this digital radio age there is no longer a radiation-free place / place to sleep / work place!
In the demo video, you can see, among other things, that even the most modern car technology exerts an extremely strong radiation attack on our human system.

Therefore, a neutralization of all rooms / places in which we spend one to two hours a day is NECESSARY. These are usually: the sleeping place, workplace and living space, public transport / car /plane (for the last three ones the Pocket-Safes® are utilized).
Devices such as mobile phones / smartphones / tablets, cordless landline telephones and computers / laptops should always be neutralized since their radiation is unavoidable when in use.

  • Residual radiation at the sleeping place:
    After all the initial conventional measures to reduce the radiation interference have been performed at the sleeping place, a residual radiation remains, which continues to disturb the body. Reasons for this are usually the cell phone tower around the corner, unexplained magnetic fields – even despite the mains power switch being shut off, technical devices, cordless phones or Wi-Fi from neighbors and much more.
    This mostly intense residual radiation is sufficient to prevent a recovery and in the long run cause health problems, because your immune system is not indefinitely resistant.
  • Radiation factor workplace:
    At an office neutralization of the radiation using Geo-Safe-E® technology is usually the only feasible action that can be taken, because the desk/chair etc. can not be moved to another location and the wireless and electromagnetic devices can not be banned. In addition it is unavoidable that a very strong wireless radiation is always measurable at this space. Due to these facts, radiation neutralization using Geo-Safe-E® is ALWAYS a must.